viernes, 15 de julio de 2011


In May, José assiduously began receiving home visits from the young women.
—José, open to us, that's us.
—Very good.
As they entered, the greeting... loving already, because it was... it was confidence before those days. It was not that I had to do any... any sacrefice, or sex, which they were put voluntaries, for give them anything or any loving word... THEN, I will make love to one, but that they was voluntaries, eh? There was no... there was no problem, but naturally I paid them for it, eh? Without an excessive... amount of money, eh?... I paid them a normal amount... AND IT WAS when they had that interest in going to bed, because one was free so, in plot, for move, looking for moneys. THEY ADD ME DRUJ IN THE COLA CAO, that I felt I slept too many hours, impossible that I sleep very few hours, I never slept more. With photographs of them, and there were many more photographs, which were in the drawer of the nightstand, many more were, because I already had photographs in all ways, and in various places. Still I know she was not questioned, neither appeared, as advertisements in the presssss. The first appeared was the skinny with long hair, the second the 32 years blonde. Theeeeeee long hair woman 26. They was prespitutes, looking for homes to make the prespitution, but not for prespitution, but FOR STEALING. While one of them gives the prespitution pleasure, the other is looking for useful objects, money much better.

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Iago Morais dijo...

jajajajajajaja (risa Forega)

David, gran hijo de puta.. si no me mata el tabaco antes, me matarás tú de risa.

Mª Ángeles Cuéllar dijo...

Parece que el gallego robado por la prostituta aprendió inglés, no como yo que he tenido que consultar un traductor on line que me ha vuelto loca. Besos.